Patrick A. Howell, Author, Public Academic & Financier

Patrick A. Howell, Author, Public Academic & Financier

Patrick A. Howell, Author, Public Academic & Financier Patrick A. Howell, Author, Public Academic & Financier Patrick A. Howell, Author, Public Academic & Financier

A Little About Patrick A. Howell


Author, Poet and Novelist

Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Entrepreneur and Business Leader

"Patrick Howell’s Yes We Be is affirmation and confirmation of the resilience of Black people and Black poetry. Reminiscent of Amiri Baraka’s A Black Value System, as well as Haki Madhubuti’s Book of Life and Rise Vision Comin—Black Arts meditations laying down a foundation for being—Howell’s poetics embraces Black love for ancestors and homeland, for sun and sons, for an African-indigenous spiritual core over the modern-day trappings and travails distracting us from our purpose and focus, leading us astray from wokeness. Like Haile Gerima’s Sankofa, Yes We Be not only proclaims Black existence in defiance of erasure—it wills us, in poems both playfully meditative and excoriatingly searing, to self-realize and actualize—to continue to “Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!” in resistance to a capitalist culture of consumerism, callousness and despair."

— Tony Medina, author of I Am Alfonso Jones and  editor of Resisting Arrest: Poems to Stretch the Sky


Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Entrepreneur and Business Leader

 "Patrick Howell is one of the young successful leaders in the California Financial and Investment Community who has achieved a national following for his many significant accomplishments, including and not limited to launching the California Financial Times, where he is the Editor and Publisher of a prominent online and print magazine; the founder and Executive Director of the San Diego Investment Conference Series, which runs well attended investor gatherings in Southern California for emerging global Small Cap Companies; and is a leader in attracting promising growth companies to the Capital Market Sources and Investors in California and other key financial markets. Patrick has been honored by many successful leaders in Corporate America and is on a fast track to becoming one of the well known leaders in the California and Global Investment Scene. Patrick gives back to the Community and is very responsive to the needs and goals of his clients and his widespread following."    Alan Stone, Managing Director, WallStreet Research™  



Entrepreneur and Business Leader


 "Patrick Howell is a true believer in America's entrepreneurial spirit. Patrick possesses strong leadership qualities and has a remarkable ability to motivate people and infuse them with enthusiasm. Patrick speaks his mind clearly and directly, in one-on-one conversations as well as when addressing a public audience. It has been a true privilege to work directly with Patrick on the San Diego Investment Conference."  

Jonathan Ung,  Investment Banking CFA, Sell-Side/Buy-Side M&A Advisory/ Investment Research - Childs Advisory Partners 

Some More About Him and the Work He Loves to Do

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Writing, Business Development, Finance & Manifesting Dreams - What I Do

Patrick A. Howell is an award-winning financier, entrepreneur and business leader, with deep roots in the banking and finance industries.  Bold, fearless, and powerful, Patrick is unyielding in his approach to life.  With his companies creating nearly $5 billion in funding pipelines and investor exposure for over 260 companies, a book of poetry, and countless respected articles and essays, Howell is just getting warmed up.

Howell’s early work was published with the UC Berkeley African American Literary Journal and the Quarterly Black Book Review.   At Cal, Berkeley, he co-founded Diatribe, a People of Color News Collective, a project of passion, purpose and self-determination.  He has been a frequent contributing writer to the Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Poetry Foundation, Poetry Society and numerous national and international literary e-zines as "Into the Void", an award-winning Toronto literary magazine.   Howell has had media appearances as a podcast producer and editorial personality as on Los Angeles public radio (The Beautiful Struggle on 102.3 KJLH) to discuss culture and finance.  He has also served as an executive producer on the Los Angeles Review of Book's "Here's to Life with Tori Reid" with exposure to 4,000,000 unique visitiors (Google analytics + LARB media).   From 2010 to 2014, he was also a co-producer with Emmy Award winning Big Biz Show, a "Business meets lifestyle" program seen and heard in 70 million broadcast TV homes, 150 radio stations in the U.S. and in 175 countries.   Finally, he has been quoted for NBC BLK, The Grio, while blogging for and other financial publications on business, culture... and where they intersect.

For 25 years he has worked as an investment adviser, retail branch manager, investment banker, entrepreneur and business banker, learning how the balance sheet and income statement can forecast and diagnose the small businesses' fortunes (or lack thereof).  He has held life insurance, Series 7 and 66 licenses under the FINRA and is very familiar with a firm's EDGAR reporting requirements to the SEC.   He has been an award winning and top sales earner with Fortune 500 companies.  Perhaps, most importantly, however, he has come to learn how and why humanity fits within and outside the ledger lines of finance; how that humanity is  the greatest asset in and of itself, even as commerce and Capitalism would seem to suggest that profits are almighty.

His firms and concepts as the San Diego Investment Conference, Enlightened Billionaire, Miami International Investment Series, Beverly Hills Investment Conference,  American Prosperity and Jobs Symposium, West Coast Wall Street Conference and Global Capital Network have worked with nearly 300 companies in nearly 17 cities around the country and world with nearly 100 events nationally and worldwide to present nearly $5B in funding opportunities.  Mr. Howell has  annually hosted the awards banquet, the West Coast Wall Street Conference at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach and  investor events overseas with the Enlightened Billionaire Series in Panama and Barbados.   

He is also proud of his work with the Distinguished Participants /Speakers Series which has featured the work of such leaders as Herbalife co-founder Dick Marconi, OTC Markets CEO Cromwell Caulson, Congresswoman Mimi Walters, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, Roth Capital President Ted Roth, former SEC Chair Christopher Cox, former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, spiritual leader Bernard Michael Beckwith, spiritual mentor Dr. Mark Whitlock,  former Irvine Mayors Dr. Stephen Choi and Beth Krom and other national civic and business leaders.   He has carved a niche and national reputation in financial services under the provision of investor relations.   He is absolutely inspired by the emerging growth and business haven opportunities uncovered in  travels to Ethiopia and Dubai in recent years. 

Howell’s integrated book of poetry-design, “Yes, We Be" was published by North Carolina’s Jacar Press early in 2018 and launched during Afro-futurism, debuting at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC in April of the same year.  Two of his earliest chapbooks, “Resistance, Renaissance, Revolution and Evolution” and “Blue Ink Trees in the Bay” were published by Locofo Chapbooks and delivered to 1600 Pennsylvania as protest poetry in 2017. 

Howell lives in Carlsbad, California with his family, coaching his son "SharkHeart", standout student, honorable son,  an elite sprinter swimmer with USA Swimming, standout coach’s awarded track and field athlete, record holder at St. John’s and Tri City Christian and all-hustle awardee on his basketball team and aspirational intergalactic space miner. 

If he had to summarize his professional philosophies clearly, he supposes it would be this: “I believe, in reality, of humanity's ability to reach its highest possible potential.  And I never give up.  Ever.

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